Development Agency functioning as a subordinate institution of Harghita County Council


Round table on project proposals

This program aims to help local entrepreneurs and public institutions to successfully apply for external funds.

To this end, the Agency wants to create an adequate frame in which local entrepreneurs and representatives of public institutions can meet with representatives of such entities which announce calls for project proposals, as well as with entrepreneurs and public institutions which have successfully applied for such calls and can talk about their experiences during this process.

Participants can get useful information on the application process, on special requirements, and at the same time, they can learn from the experience of those entrepreneurs and public institutions which have already gone through this process and have successfully applied for grants.

This program also deals with the collection of socio-economic data and their publication on the web page, so that everyone can reach them in case they need this kind of data for the elaboration of studies, strategies or project proposals.

The final goal of these activities is to increase the number of successful applications made by entrepreneurs and public institutions in Harghita county.

Program felelos: 

Organized by the Develpoment Agency of Harghita County on the 21st of June, the round table on project proposals for entrepreneurs had excited great interest both in Miercurea Ciuc and in Gheorgheni.
Presenters: Margit Lőrinczi, chief clerk at the Central Regional Development Agency - Harghita County Office and Kálmán Fancsali, fellow worker at the Agency For Conducting the Project Proposals of SMEs (AIPPIMM) - Information and Consultation Office in Harghita County.