Development Agency functioning as a subordinate institution of Harghita County Council


Best offer

Elaborated by the Development Agency of Harghita county, the "Best offer" program takes place in the May-June 2016 period. Its main objectives are to reduce bureaucracy and create a transparent electronic surface which encourages local SMEs to participate in public procurements and direct purchases of goods and services, it also offers information on executions and public biddings. Thus, this program contributes to the stimulation of the local entrepreneurs and indirectly, to the economic development of the county.

Within the frames of this program, a web page has been lunched under the name, were public procurements, direct purchases, executions and public biddings can be published.

This webpage offers direct access to information on public procurements published by public institutions from Harghita county. Registerred users, entrepreneurs will receive newsletters via e-mails automatically generated by the system every time a new public procurement is published by a public institution registerred on the site. In turn, public institutions will receive various offers from local entrepreneurs.

For more details on how to create an account, how to publish a public procurement and how to visualize the published public procurements, please, see the web page

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