Development Agency functioning as a subordinate institution of Harghita County Council


First company

This program entitled First company aims to increase the number of businesses started by young entrepreneurs in Harghita county. To this end, the Agency tries to implant the spirit of entrepreneurship among young graduates through various activities, and to propagate actions which have as indirect result an increase in the number of businesses started by young people ( such an action could be the establishment of business incubators).

Within the frames of this program, representatives of the Agency meet with young graduates of high schools and professional schools, ask them about their plans for the future, organize events where they can meet with successful entrepreneurs who can represent good examples to follow, help in the organization of factory visits, so that students can see and experience the whole production process. Furthermore, various data collected from graduates will be evaluated and published on the Agency's web page, so that they can later be used for elaborating programs for helping young people find a job or start their own company.

All these actions are meant to combat the immigration of the young from Harghita county.

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