Development Agency functioning as a subordinate institution of Harghita County Council


Online guide for investors

This program focuses on elaborating an online guide which contains a general presentation of Harghita county from several points of view, such as the actual economic situation, investment opportunities in the ownership of public administrations, industry, tourism, human resources, public administration, etc. This online guide is meant to contain all sorts of information that can be useful for potential investors or can increase the attractiveness of the county e.g. in the eyes of the tourists. Within the frames of this program, the web page will be run and updated periodically.

All information collected will be organized and printed as well, so that they can be distributed whenever representatives of the Agency participate in different events organized in the country or abroad, such as fairs and exhibitions, conferences, forums, etc., and the elaborated material will also be distributed by representatives of other institutions on each possible occasion, in order to present Harghita county and its possibilities as often as possible.


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