Development Agency functioning as a subordinate institution of Harghita County Council


Entrepreneur-friendly Harghita county

This program aims to build up and strengthen the relationship between the private and public sector, as well as between other participants of economic life, by organizing economic forums for entrepreneurs, mayors, public institutions and for the representatives of commoners. During these forums, participants have the possibility to discuss good practices seen in other regions and other countries, in order to implement those which they find useful and applicable.

The main goal of this program is to create a favorable climate for entrepreneurs by ensuring a good communication channel between the private and public sector, one that works in both directions. Thus, the entrepreneurs' problems and difficulties can be solved more efficiently and in less time, by decreasing bureaucracy and making the administrative system more transparent.

The Agency has a mediator role in this process: it tries to eliminate all barriers standing in the way of collaboration, evaluates the problems identified during the forums, makes suggestions to the relevant institutions and helps in their solution, within the limits of its competence.

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